Nursie Health

Nursie Health concept

Nursie Expert Services

For efficiently providing best quality care through digital healthcare.

  • Nurse Leasing
  • NES Education Platform
  • Training Programs and Consulting

Software Development

MyNursie mobile application for supporting wholesome self care

  • Addressess possible health issues at an early stage based on the collected health data
  • Consists of tailored packages and general monitoring of well-being

Nursie Health offers services and digital solutions, based on the Nordic nursing expertise

Are you pondering solutions for the care work in your company or do you want to develop your operations for the need of today and tomorrow? Do you want to ride the wave of digitalization? The changes in the operational environment set challenges for today’s business. Nursie Health specialists have created a new solution for these challenges. Digitalization and new operating models facilitate the care work when they are introduced in the right way. The specialists of the practical care work will help you and your organization to develop expertise in the changing world of health care.

Nursie Health brings you the better care work of the future. We offer innovative solutions for the development of expertise and the quality of care work.

DNE concept combines NES services (training, consultation and nurse recruitment services) with NAM software development.

NES (Nursie Expert Services) services are producing high-quality, efficient and comprehensive care work with development and training services for companies and organisations.

MyNursie software development produces high-quality application for consumer use to support wholesome self care and evaluation of the need for treatment.